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Abruzzo, Italy

No words could describe how excited we were when we knew we could bring Lammidia to Hong Kong. The first time we talked to Davide (one half of the duo), they were on a wine tour in France across Savoie and Jura just before the harvesting season. It was not difficult to realise they are on this constant exploration and experimental journey, every day and every year; where they can feed their thirsts of techniques and tastes - and this is how Lammidia is originated.

Having known each other since the age of 3, Davide and Marco are more than childhood friends. Without any family background in the winemaking industry, they started exploring different wine fairs together more than a decade ago and finally got excited when they trolled into a natural wine fair and discovered a whole new world.

In 2010, they completed a wine tour for weeks across France and Italy: from Beaujolais to Burgundy, from Alsace to Tuscany….they met winemakers like Jean-Yves Peron, Frank Cornelissen among the others. When Davide and Marco headed home, they poured out all they had got and made 1000 bottles of wine all sold to their friends and families.

The year after, the duo left their work in the cities and returned to Abruzzo, their hometown. Starting from buying grapes then renting vineyards to purchasing their own vineyards, 2014 was the official vintage of Lammidia. Today, Lammidia’s annual production reached 50,000 bottles across some 20 cuvees depending on the vintages. Each cuvees has its distinctive label either with the overlapping handprints of the duo or some cool graphics. 

Despite the variety and diversity of their wines, each wine shares the same commonality: just grapes (100% uva e basta) - they are a true believer in good grapes. Pure. No additions, ‘no added sulphite only when bottling’, niente. Sometimes, this becomes their challenge because their belief means when the wine is not right, it will be wasted. But for Lammidia, it is vital to create pure and right wines. Of course they have become what they are good at now, but Davide has stressed their continuous journey of researching, experimenting and delivering. 

As they said themselves:

“We’re in a process of constant research, taking inspiration from many winemakers that we’ve met on our journey and with whom we continue to have a dialog about how to cultive, ferment, conserve and age wines. They are a source through which we synthesize our experience, which is in constant evolution.”

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